Transformational Train the Trainer Course

Combining our experience of working with market leading training organisations, award winning trainers, and the most current learning technologies; this course from the Professional Development Consortium (PDC) brings together cutting edge expertise, practical techniques and resources, and will transform how you deliver training to colleagues and clients.

In today's information economy, we are flooded daily by communications technologies supplying us with endless trails of news and new information, big (and small) data as well as never ending social media images. Standing out from the crowd is increasingly challenging, so its not a surprise that professional peer to peer knowledge sharing is becoming one of the most valued skills.

Revolutionalise your reputation with PDC's new course Transformational Train the Trainer (TTT).

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Who is it for?

This course is a must for anyone seeking to accelerate their performance and presence professionally, and builds invaluable confidence in becoming known as a trainer of excellence. Transformational Train the Trainer (TTT) is suitable for all levels of training professionals, managers and coaches - including:

Ambitious leaders and managers

Learning and development professionals

Department heads, team leaders and supervisors

Local government employees

Motivated graduates and apprentices

Taught by the Industry Expert - Amanda Rosewarne

Becoming a successful trainer doesn’t take years of experience or a teaching degree – 

it takes the right practical training and a world-renowned teacher.

Who is Amanda Rosewarne?

"When it was time to create my own training course after twenty years of practising and assessing them myself, I wanted to develop something powerful and transformational that reflected all of the the successes I’ve seen throughout my career. Having studied occupational psychology, educational techniques, traditional teacher training and various modalities of learning, this course is a summation of the 'best in class' training techniques and practices that I have amalgamated through my years of experience.  Having attended many 'train the trainer courses' and seen the good, the bad and the ugly - including lack of audience participation, unmemorable chalk and talk sessions, and drab training resources, I truly believe that our method Transformational Train the Trainer, or TTT, is one-of-a-kind.   Its foundation is guided by the unconventional idea that you don’t need many years of teaching experience to create and deliver successful training courses. As a good trainer, you will swiftly improve your professional reputation, promotional prospects, easily expanding your network and sphere of influence".

Award winning Amanda Rosewarne is the inspirational founder and CEO of the Professional Development Consortium. With a background in occupational psychology, Amanda conducted the largest academic research project into CPD and adult learning, she has delivered countless training programmes, and has worked with 100s of training organisations reviewing and improving their training experiences. Author of several whitepapers on training and CPD, Amanda is also Vice-Chair of the UKIPG CPD Forum, an active member of the House of Lords APPG Skills and Education committee and is an unrivaled expert in training and development. 

The Learning Experience

Skyrocket your Training Skills.  Inspire Others, And Transform Your Own Career

Delivered over 2 days, with an online follow up session after 1 month. The Transformational Trainer the Trainer course teaches you the 3 key elements for delivering outstanding training and educational activities:

Element 1:  Delivering Outstanding Learning Experiences

  • Packaging your message: turn expert material, skills or complex information into structured learning experiences
  • Blending the key training ingredients: Ensuring learning is exciting, creative and memorable
  • Instructional design 101: The journey of designing, delivering and reviewing a training course
  • Evaluation and reflection techniques
  • Shaping your material for 1-2-1 training, small groups and large audience

  • Utilising learning technologies to enhance the learning experience

  • Understand how to transfer your training to an online offering

Element 2: Transforming your Training Skills

  • Commanding the room - turbocharging your training and presentation styles
  • Understanding the physiology of learning, attention spans and memory
  • The delegate learning experience and getting the most from your audience
  • Setting a pace for instruction and effectively monitor learner mastery of content
  • Changing tack and working in challenging situations

  • Share your learnings - creating handouts, e:books and useful resources

Element 3:  Facilitating Live Training

  • An immersive experience that enables you to deliver an engaging training seminar and practice your new skills
  • Live feedback, recommendations and advice for raising your game
  • Understand appropriate room layouts for maximum delegate attention

  • The professional advantage - building a stellar training reputation and expand your network

This course also improves public speaking abilities and general presentation skills. 

On successful completion of the course, students will be awarded a certificate as a Transformational Trainer™ 

Why Choose Us for Your Training?

The Professional Development Consortium is home to over 800 training organisations, trainers and coaches. Having assessed and advised the best training offerings in the market today, our knowledge is unrivaled.

The author and trainer, Amanda Rosewarne is a world class expert in adult skill development and learning. 

The course is CPD Accredited and each delegate will receive a recognised certificate

A maximum of 10 delegates means more time spent on individual objectives